Saturday, May 19, 2012

Pregnancy Update

Yep It's been an interesting few months since we found out that we were excepting.  To start we were a bit surprised by becoming pregnant.  We had been trying for about 9 months without success and had made a decision to stop trying (due to stress and some other upcoming events).  Then as soon as that decision was made God gave us a HUGE blessing.  

 Then on Easter came the nausea!!!  It was extreme!!!  I have a new found respect for those mom's I know that get super sick during pregnancy and keep doing it.  I was so nausea that I was pretty much useless.  I never threw up but there was much other non mentionable happening.  I lost about 12 lbs over that amount of time.  

We also made a huge decision to go to a new doctor in Springfield so that I could deliver at Cox where there is a NICU and very well trained doctors.  So far it has been a little rough and a bit stressful.  I had heard wonderful things about the doc I"m going to but it is nothing compared to Dr.  Allison, Cindy, and Daren.  They are AMAZING!!!!!!  But I feel very confident in the decision to go with the new doc especially with the new news!!!!!

Then about 2 weeks ago I started experience some bleeding and was sent to urgent care(the doc was out of the office for a few weeks).  After many 1st time things, blood work, and a ultrasound we found out that there was nothing major wrong.  The doctor came in to give us our ultrasound results a and she said "Do you know there is 2".  Ummmmm NO I did not know that.  So we are having TWINS.  They are fraternal.  Since then we have had a ultrasound with the doctor's office and I've passed a early glucose test!!!!  Having twins is considered a high risk pregnancy and I was already a high risk due to premature labor with Gilbert.  So now I guess I'm double high risk.  We will start with ultrasounds every 2 weeks until they feel comfortable with the babies growth (yeah babies). We also found out that we will more then likely have a c-section which I don't know how I quite feel about it. 

So please pray for us!!!!  To say the least I've been overwhelmed!!!!  Excited but overwhelmed.  Pray for the health of the babies and myself, the other kids adjusting, getting adjusted after they come,  I don't deliver before October 20th (Jessica's wedding), finances, and how a family of 8 will fit in a 7 passenger van :-)

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